Friday, October 21, 2016

Yoga Sutras of Patanjali-deeper than the deepest ocean

The past few weeks I have been starting Light on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali over, from the very beginning. I started at the preface, I am now only at the Prologue.  In the past ten years, I think I have read the first three chapters many times over.  I have a suspicion I am still missing out on the big picture.  The big picture meaning that this is not a book you sit down and read cuddled up on the couch with a cup of is a book that needs to be read over and over until its subject matter permeates your being.

Permeate:  to diffuse through or penetrate (via Merrium Webster online)

To encourage this permeation, I am going to read and write about my experience here.  However simple or childish my understanding may be, I will try my best to understand what each sutra is trying to give me.  This is a way for me to not only work on my svadyaya (self study or study of spiritual scriptures) but to encourage all of us yoga practitioners to delve a little deeper into the practice.  This already gives me a feeling of apprehension, but how else will I ever commit to such a task?  This may take quite a long time, who knows, I may have another blog or website by the end of this!

I have had the feeling that you have to be a genius, a brilliant person with super human brain power to delve into such a project.  But why sell myself short?  If any of you out there would like to help me on this journey,  let me know! I would love guest writers, comments, and company just sitting down and discussing.  What I do ask, is that there be no negativity, judgement, or harshness of another's idea of what a sutra is giving them.  In my humble opinion,  we need to seek a state of peace no matter how we may disagree.  This is a project of courage and hopefully this can shed some light on why we are yoga practitioners at all. 

Step 1-finish prologue

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