Thursday, January 29, 2015

Stop chasing your tail, it's still there.

The drive to get out of bed and live life can be hard to find some days.  Sometimes we need a little help. Not even from other people but from within. 

This morning I woke up with various ailments that seem to keep following me, or am I chasing them? I fed the vizslas  and promptly went back to bed, thinking to myself, "I deserve this.  I need this. I feel bad. Oh poor me."  Not pointing out the obvious, but wow am I self centered today!

We all feel these things, sadness, pain, heartache, fatigue, it can all be overwhelming at times.  Then when we least expect it, the fog lifts, the lens to the  soul and to the world outside ourselves becomes clearer. 

This is the real yoga, of course my opinion. It's not about how many asanas you can do, how accurately you can do them. It's not even about how many sutras you can memorize. It's about realizing the big picture. Whatever that is for you.  Maybe that big picture is recognizing that it's all there for you. Right inside all along!

What a discovery. (Insert smart ass face here)