Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Devki isms and other thoughts of getting grounded

Is it Chastise or CHEST-IZE?  
Is it comfortable or COMFOR-TABLE?
Shall we move up the spine or down?
Whatever it is we did,  we did with purpose.  After 3 days now,  I am finally getting grounded.  I not only needed to eat something hearty (thanks Becky),  but I needed to realize I am in control.  In control of my thoughts.  My feelings.  Let it sink in.  Let the yoga penetrate.  Allow the meditation to take you to that place of complete humbleness.  The sounds of the spine,  the root,  the heart,  the head...............they are all there.  All the time.  Whether or not we see them.  Whether or not we feel them.  Whether or not we even pay attention.  They are always there.  We are always able to get to that place.  Maybe it takes a weekend workshop with a humble teacher, maybe it takes breaking down all barriers.  Not just the physical barriers,  but the mental,  the spiritual.  It doesn't matter what you believe,  what higher power you believe in.  It matters that you open your heart,  your eyes,  your soul,  your body to the experience.  Thank you to our friend Devki.  Thank-you to myself for allowing those barriers to break away.  Now I can rebuild again and again and again to a better person.  A better friend,  a better teacher (even though after that I almost feel as if I have nothing to offer but gratitude to my teachers).  Thats it.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Devki Desai

This past weekend a senior teacher from Puna was here. Not only was she compassionate, she was firm in her instructions and wove philosophy and asana well. From what others say who have studied at the institute she is a perfect balance of the 3 Iyengars.
With this, I say thank-you for everything. It has been hard to be inspired lately to blog. This assessment process tends to suck the creativity out of a person. It seems to streamline us so much we forget why we do what we do. So all-n-all, taking time to just practice is a must. STOP studying for second. Stop doing everything for a minute and take care of yourself. Do yoga. Meditate. Breath in and out.