Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Ustrasana.......a pose that brings joy to the face!

Today at the Rec center I taught shoulder openers and back bends. I went in for a second time this week not sure what I was going to teach. For selfish reasons I began to think about restoratives, but I remember back that a wise person told me to teach to the class (thanks Craig, Leslie, and mama Donita). So that's what I did. What a lesson I learned today from the Northglenn students! ( all of them.....of all ages)
Teaching today was such a joy. It made me happy, it made me feel better. Not just physically but mentally. For that I thank my students for continuously inspiring me to do more.

Here is the noon sequence. I will get the senior sequence on later today.

Adho mukha virasana
Adho mukha svanasana
Uttanasana, walk back and forth to dog a few times
Tadasana-all below done in tadasana
Urdvha hast asana
Urdvha baddanguliasana
Vira II
ViraI xs 2
Chatush padasana xs 4
Ustrasana xs 3
Full backbend, keep in mind for you shoulder folks stick with Chatush again
Adho mukha virasana with bolster
Dwi pada pavanmuktasana

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Changes are good

I wanted to take a moment this morning since I have not posted in a while.  I have changed jobs in the last two weeks.  It is such a great opportunity for me and I am so excited about the challenges ahead.  It made me think of my practice in a whole different way.  I was reading the Yoga Rahasya and it there was this quote from Guruji I wanted to share before I start my day:

 "Yoga is not doing what you like or what you can."
"I am neither a slave of the body, nor a slave of the mind.  For yoga,  you have to go far beyond will-power."