Sunday, October 18, 2015


Here I go again.  I think writing has been missing.  Letting myself be free to write, to sit, to listen. 

A couple months ago I made a big shift. I decided to free up 15-20 hours a week and not manage a yoga studio.  At first it was really weird, not being so busy, so stressed about the "business" part of yoga.  I am learning what to do with this time.  Making my home feel like a home again, a mission control if you will.  I am learning again what it is like to be a supportive wife, partner, friend, daughter.  There is now space to practice yoga, not just teach it, study it for a test,  but really be in it.

So, I guess the question now is.....what next.  Assessment over,  some life challenges over. 

The answer is just live. Stop planning every second.  Be in the moment.  What a concept.