Thursday, April 3, 2014

Snow-day Study

I am taking this snow morning opportunity to do some studying for my Junior I assessment.
Typically I would have already walked my dogs for an hour, but today we are all suggled up on the couch with blankets, books, and this computer.  It is really nice.

As I sit here now, thinking about the last month or so of living life,  I am reminded how hard I have been on myself to be something, to achieve something, to finish my lists, and how extremely stressed and burnt out this has left me.  Almost to the point where I want to lay down and not go anywhere for a few days. A little depressed. A little mad at myself. All wrapped up in a package that must still go out into the world and be nice to others. Yes, this is dramatic, but it is how I felt. I know we all have these days and we all get through them.  We also have different ways of moving past these hard thoughts, but it is what is on the other side that is important.  Being able to get to that other side stronger, more focused, and more gentle on yourself.

I will keep this short and sweet today. On this snowy day of moisture, renewal, and rest I am reminded of what a wise friend wrote to me last week. Here it is:

"It is spring, Mother Earth is renewing and replenishing you daily.  Feel her supportive and healing warmth.  Witness her uplifting and encouraging Vibrancy.  Experience her loving openness. Feel her presence. Feel better."

  When I was at my limit of how much I could physically and mentally do last week, on the verge of tears and so unsure of myself and everything I was doing, these words kept me going.

Thank-you friend.